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What’s in the Google Glass Bag?

If you’re at all interested in smartphones, and wearables, then you would probably have heard of Google Glass. In fact you might have heard of Google Glass for all the wrong reasons lately as well. A couple of weeks ago Google opened up the beta product, called the Explorer edition to … [Read More...]

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The iPhone 6 Plus Bends.

  Earlier, I had looked at the iPhone 6 Plus as a potentially awesome Google Phone. Of course, only a couple of days later, the interwebs were choking with news that the iPhone 6 Plus bends. It pretty much took over the entire smartphone discussion sphere around the … [Read More...]

The iPhone 6 Plus runs on iOS 8, but can it run Google Apps well?

Is The iPhone 6 Plus A Good Google Phone?

So here’s a question I never, in a million years thought I’d find myself asking - could an iPhone be a decent or even great Google phone? The iPhone 6 release is the probably the most fundamental shift in Apple’s smartphone strategy since the dawn of the iPhone all those years … [Read More...]

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