My Samsung Gear VR Experiences and Impressions

Gear VR Movie Watching

Being one of the very few people in the world (outside of Samsung and Oculus) to have had access to the Samsung Gear VR, I’ve been both excited about telling the world about my impressions of this very cool piece of gear (pun intended) as well as not wanting to overstep the mark in terms […]

Youtube Announces Subscription Service


Yesterday, Youtube announced what many of us have been hearing for a while – a music streaming servic called Youtube Music Key that ties in both music videos via Youtube, and audio tracks from Google Play Music. I’m currently a user of Spotify, and I like the interface, the quality of the music when downloaded […]

Samsung Gear VR First Impressions

Ritchie with Gear VR

Lucky me, lucky me! This week I was able to get hold of the Oculus-powered Samsung Gear VR so I could take it along for “show and tell” at Radio 2GB during my tech talk on Saturday afternoon. After spending some time trying all the different elements of the hardware and content, it’s obvious that […]

Best On-Air Reaction to Google Cardboard EVER

Google Cardboard

  There are standard reactions to new technology, then there is that “WOW!” moment you manage to capture on video and audio. Case in point: my tech segment on Radio 2GB last Saturday was all about Chromecast, 3D televisions and how kids consumed content these days. However, the killer moment came when I started to […]

Mobile VR (Virtual Reality) – What Are The Options?

mobile virtual Reality

  Samsung’s Note 4 is just around the corner, and with it the Gear VR, a virtual reality headset that is unique to the Note 4. I’m going to look at two of the current mobile VR (virtual reality) options out there, and see how they compare to the upcoming Gear VR. The most inexpensive […]

Ritchie’s Room on 2GB Radio

2GB Sydney

Last Saturday I chatted on radio with Glenn Wheeler, who hosts his own show, aptly named “Wheeler” on Radio 2GB in Sydney. For those that live in Sydney, you’ll be able to hear Glenn and I riff on all things tech-related at around 5.30pm each Saturday afternoon on 873AM. For those overseas or out of the […]

What’s in the Google Glass Bag?

Google Glass

If you’re at all interested in smartphones, and wearables, then you would probably have heard of Google Glass. In fact you might have heard of Google Glass for all the wrong reasons lately as well. A couple of weeks ago Google opened up the beta product, called the Explorer edition to the public in the […]

The iPhone 6 Plus Bends.


  Earlier, I had looked at the iPhone 6 Plus as a potentially awesome Google Phone. Of course, only a couple of days later, the interwebs were choking with news that the iPhone 6 Plus bends. It pretty much took over the entire smartphone discussion sphere around the world, and naturally spawned thousands of memes, […]

Is The iPhone 6 Plus A Good Google Phone?

The iPhone 6 Plus runs on iOS 8, but can it run Google Apps well?

So here’s a question I never, in a million years thought I’d find myself asking – could an iPhone be a decent or even great Google phone? The iPhone 6 release is the probably the most fundamental shift in Apple’s smartphone strategy since the dawn of the iPhone all those years ago. I had the […]

Tesla Model S First Look and Impressions


I’ve been following the Tesla Motors story for a long time, and after recently staying at the W Hotel in Hong Kong, I was able to experience one of their brand new cars first hand thanks to the W’s purchase of 5 Tesla Model S Signature models for their hotel guest transport. The W Hotel […]