The Dangers (And Thrills) of 360 VR Videos

pot smoking vr

Let me show you one of the benefits of having a full 360 degree camera vision. Now, there may or may not be something suspicious going on in the front row of the Paul McCartney VR performance produced by Jaunt, but I just had to put it out there to see what you guys think. […]

Virtual Reality Videos Compared – 360 vs 180

Paul McCartney VR

I thought we’d have a little chat about what VR video is all about. I’m going to use the Paul McCartney and Coldplay VR content as two examples of how different a VR experience can be depending on how it’s been produced. Firstly, both of these are available on both Google CardBoard and Gear VR […]

Samsung Gear VR Milk VR App Review

milk vr

For VR to truly become a commercial success, compelling reasons for end users to invest in a headset need to become reality. Aside from games and experiential apps, one of the big drivers will undoubtedly be video content. Samsung this week released a curated video app called Milk VR, a further branch of their existing […]

My Home Connect Security System Highlights

My Home Connect Triple Shield Smart Couple bundle

The Internet of Things is one of the massive growth areas of the technology sector, and Home Security is one of the areas that will benefit from this connected environment. I had an opportunity to use a new home security product from My Home Connect, which offers IP connected sensors and cameras to create a […]

Dodocase Kickstarter DYI VR Kit


Dodocase were one of the first to release a Google Cardboard kit complete with lenses and magnets, providing a full cheap VR experience using the Google Cardboard platform. Now, via Kickstarter, Dodocase are involved in the DIY VR movement, with the aim of making VR available to everyone and anyone regardless of price or technology barriers. […]

The Zeiss VR One Is The Best Google Cardboard

vr cardboard

Hey there, it’s Ritchie D here. If you follow my channel you’ll know that I’ve been getting into mobile virtual reality lately, and my last segment looked at the VR One from Zeiss. I’ll be honest, I didn’t get the VR One headset so I could jump into their ecosystem, I actually thought it would […]

Zeiss VR One Virtual Reality Headset Hands On

vr one

This is a hands on look at a brand new VR headset from Zeiss called the VR One – I’m going to show you around the headset and the apps it comes with. I ordered this very promising headset from Zeiss as soon as I heard about it, because I was interested in a headset that […]

Oculus 360 App Preview & Make your Own 360 Pics

360 pics

Right now 360 pics are the most amazing example of immersive, detailed content that can be experiences on the Samsung Gear VR, simply because the resolution of each photo is massively over that of any videos available so far. Below is a walkthrough of the Oculus 360 app with some of the best photos preloaded […]

Chromecast Guest Mode and Gear VR Mirroring

chromecast mirror

Google have just made an update to the Chromecast that allows any of your visiting friends to cast their content to your Chromecast without needing password access to your home network. This makes it much easier to use Chromecast in a social setting and avoiding the obvious awkwardness when people start asking for your network […]

Samsung Gear VR Camera Passthrough Demo


As I dove further into the different features of the Samsung Gear, it was obvious that there were some great things you could do with it outside of experiencing VR content. For example, when you’re in a game, or video or other app, you can easily switch to a passthrough mode to see your “real” […]