Transformers: Dark of the Moon Movie Review

I’ve already forgotten most of what I saw on the 3D theatre screen for Transformers: Dark of the Moon. But that’s okay, because it was fun while I was there. The latest instalment in the Michael Bay robot-fighting franchise is as loud, puzzling and cheesy as the first two movies, but there was at least […]

Cars 2 Movie Review – McQueen and Mater Go Global

I’m a big fan of the original Cars movie. The locals from Radiator Springs are all quirky and lovable, the characters so well-drawn that they’re both flawed and memorable. Thanks to my 3 year old son’s obsession with all things Cars-related, I’m as familiar with the 2006 animated hit as any adult could be. So […]

A Tron Fan’s Review of Tron:Legacy

disc fight

I was a young kid when the first Tron movie came out, and it set my imagination alight. A PC at that stage was still technology out of the average person’s grasp, but the movie presented the processes and programs that resided inside computers in an exciting and, at the time, ground-breaking visual concept. So […]