The Monument Valley Game Is Amazing

Monument Valley

The other night, as I fired up my iPad and visited the App Store I noticed an intriguing game called Monument Valley. Now I had heard of this a little while back but, not being a huge gamer, it completely left my mind. But, I’m a fan of puzzle games and I really like optical […]

Galaxy NotePro 12.2 Interface Walkthrough

NotePro 12.2 Interface

  One of the main questions I’ve had about about the new Galaxy NotePro 12.2 was about the Touchwiz interface, how it’s changed and what it looks like now compared to the previous version. In fact, two of my viewers, Pier and Michael, asked me to dig a bit deeper into the NotePro 12.2 interface. The new […]

Galaxy NotePro 12.2 vs Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014)

NotePro 12.2

At this year’s CES, Samsung announced it’s largest tablet yet, the Galaxy NotePro 12.2 and TabPro 12.2. I’ve become quite fond of my high density screen and S-pen equipped Note 10.1 2014 edition, so I was very curious to see how it differed in size, handling and user experience with the new NotePro series. Today we […]

iPad Mini Retina Display vs Nexus 7 2013

iPad Mini vs Nexus 7

The iPad Mini with retina display is now available, and I was able to get some hands on time with one, so I couldn’t help but put it up against this year’s Nexus 7. How does it stack up? The iPad Mini 2 is 7.5mm thin and has subtle design flourishes like the chamfered edges, […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014)

A year is like a lifetime in the tech world. Heck, even one action packed day can turn the industry on its head. Today I have the new Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) from Samsung, and to see where it’s come from, last year’s version of the same model. So how far has the large screen Note […]

Microsoft Announces Windows 8 Surface Tablet

Windows 8 Surface Tablet

In a surprise announcement this morning, Microsoft announced it would be manufacturing its own Windows 8 tablet, known as the surface. The Windows 8 Surface tablet is only 9.3mm thin, with a full magnesium case and weighing 576 grams, this is the first PC product that Microsoft will be offering outside of its traditional PC […]

Asus Transformer Infinity First Look

Asus Transformer Infinity GPS

We’ve been following the Asus line of Transformer products ever since they were released, from the first Honeycomb tablet to include a keyboard dock, to the Slider, and then to the Transformer Prime, which set new benchmarks for the Google OS line of tablets. Now, we have the latest model – the Asus Transformer Infinity. Anyone up for a quad […]

Asus Padfone, Padfone Station and Stylus – First Look

Asus Padfone - the smartphone that transforms into a tablet, which then transforms into a keyboard driven mobile product. No shortage of innovation here.

Ever since the first Transformer was unleashed to an unsuspecting Android community, we’ve been keeping an eye on the innovative releases from Asus. We’ve seen the Eee Pad Slider, the Transformer Prime, and have seen the TF700 in its prototype format at the CES earlier this year. Now, this Asus Padfone first look is another […]

Acer ICONIA A700 HD Tablet First Look

The A700 Acer Iconia Tablet is the first Android tablet we've seen with a Full HD display, and we're pretty impressive.

Ever since the release of the new iPad back in March, the rest of the tablet world has been conspicuously quiet, with only a few major announcements amongst the seemingly unbreakable stranglehold Apple continues to have on the tablet market. Shortly though, the new A700/701 Acer Iconia Tablet may be one of the first shots […]

iPad Compared to the Acer A700 Android HD Tablet

With the new iPad compared to Acer's latest tablet offering, we find Acer pulling no stops in connectivity and display.

Here at Ritchie’s Room we love creating content based on what our viewers and readers suggest. We knew even before we posted our article on the upcoming A700 Iconia Tablet from Acer that the first request would be to pit it against the new iPad – after all, this is the first Android Tablet with […]