Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Price Drop

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 price has just come down in Australia.

Here in Australia, Samsung have officially moved price on their entire Galaxy Tab 10.1 range this weekend, with the 16GB Wi-Fi model now only $479 RRP. Here’s the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 price repositions at RRP levels across the range: 16GB Wi-Fi only: $479 64GB Wi-Fi only: $699 16GB Wi-Fi/3G: $629 64GB Wi-Fi/3G: $829 The […]

CES 2012: Nest Makes Home Climate Control Cool.

Inside the Nest Thermostat

Who would have thought that a thermostat could be sexy? Then again, companies like Dyson and Apple have shown just how seemingly innocuous or technical products can become something akin to a piece of art. Nest takes the idea of a thermostat and drags it kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Based on a […]

Dyson Ball DC39 Vacuum Cleaner: First Look

Less surface area for the wheels means less grip and less friction - great for carpets and hard floors,

What do vacuum cleaners and mobile phones have in common? Both have game changing industry leaders who never gave up on their dream of building a better product and were willing to eschew the “let’s make it cheaper, so we can sell more” mindset that some manufacturers fall into. Apple and Dyson have focused on […]

Steve Jobs’ Legacy is in the Clouds.

Sadly, Steve Jobs never got to see iCloud launched, passing away only days before its worldwide release.

Yesterday, shortly after the passing of Steve Jobs was reported, my Twitter feed and Facebook news items were almost exclusively reflections and tributes for the co-founder of Apple. Amongst the quotes and condolences, one comment stuck out for me : “Steve Jobs is in the iCloud now.” That particular statement resonated with me as I’ve […]

Apple’s Steve Jobs: The Game Changer

A young Steve Jobs with the whole world at his feet

Here’s a true story. A couple of months ago I had to make a trip to one of our new stores to help train the sales staff. I loaded the store’s address into my GPS so I could get to the store quickly and efficiently. I had a couple of new albums that I’d purchased […]

The Bigger They Are…HP Touchpad No More!

HP Touchpad... $499 one day, $99 the next. Shortest product lifespan since.. the beginning of products?

A week can be a long time in the consumer electronics world and in the smartphone and tablet space, it can be a lifetime. For the new HP Touchpad it was less than a week. In Australia, it had only just been released to lukewarm reception at the beginning of last week. By week’s end, […]

From iPhone to Android…and Back?

Android verses iOS5

Ever since I migrated from my iPhone 4 to a new Samsung Galaxy S II, I’ve been keen to cover my experiences using the Android platform. With iOS 5 due to be released later this year, I thought it would be a great opportunity to see what the competitor smartphone ecosystem had to offer, and […]

When Is a Tablet Not A Tablet?

Samsung Slider PC flat

During my latest planning meeting with my contacts at Samsung, I had a closer look at a product that has been shown at various exhibitions but not yet released for sale here in Australia. It’s an interesting product, given the upswell in interest in the Tablet category. It’s called the Samsung Slider Series 7 PC. […]

The Dyson Fan Goes Forth and Multiplies (Video Below)

In late 2009, Dyson approached Bing Lee and other major retailers with a proposal to sell a top secret new product. At the time, it was very hush-hush and quite intriguing. Dyson are very similar to Apple in that they have a very loyal following. New products are gobbled up and analysed by end users […]