Asus Transformer Infinity First Look

Asus Transformer Infinity GPS

We’ve been following the Asus line of Transformer products ever since they were released, from the first Honeycomb tablet to include a keyboard dock, to the Slider, and then to the Transformer Prime, which set new benchmarks for the Google OS line of tablets. Now, we have the latest model – the Asus Transformer Infinity. Anyone up for a quad […]

Question and Answer Time for the Asus Transformer Prime

This time, believe the hype... The Transformer Prime from Asus is a very strong contender in the tablet market and sets new benchmarks in hardware.

What a wild couple of days! When we released the first article and video for the Asus Transformer Prime, it went ballistic and we were dealing with comments and questions from all over the world. We believe in responding as much as we can to our readers on this website, and we wanted to do […]

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime – First Look

Video playback is superb. This really shows off why a widescreen tablet is a good idea.

[Update: Now that the embargo has lifted, we have released a further five videos showing various demonstrations of the Transformer Prime. We have collected them in this new article, where you can view and discuss the features we’ve shown. The videos were based on questions from our audience, whom we acknowledge in the segments. Enjoy!] […]

Tablet Update: New Models Expected Before Xmas

Slimmer, lighter, faster, and still the coolest tablet name in the market... the Asus Transformer Prime.

With all the interest in the latest iPhone and Ultrabooks dominating the gadget news landscape in the last few weeks, one area that has been rather quiet is the tablet category. The release of the first generation of Android tablets has achieved limited success in the market, and while they may have offered additional features […]

Asus Eee Pad Transformer – Unboxing and Overview

The “first look” article I wrote earlier this year for the Asus Transformer tablet has become the most popular post on this site, and now we’ve produced a video for Bing Lee that covers the tablet and its unique keyboard dock in detail. After spending a lot of time with this unit, the keyboard attachment […]