Ultrabooks: Thin Is In

A women measuring her waistline

You may not know it yet, but notebooks will be going through a revolution in the next 12 months. A new class of mobile PC will emerge: thin, light, style-focused and high-performing. Fuelled by advancements and competitive innovation from both AMD and Intel, notebooks have ramped up in performance and specifications, but with the exception […]

In the Digital Age, No Crime is Perfect

A concerned burglar

In the past fortnight, Sydney has been gripped by the Madeleine Pulver case. An intruder surprised the young schoolgirl while she was home alone and forced her to wear a potentially explosive collar bomb around her neck, leaving her frantic and hysterical while police bomb experts first determined that there was no explosive device, then […]

Hackers – The Invisible Enemy

I fear we may soon lose our nerve. On the back of Sony’s Playstation Network being infiltrated with millions of members’ details stolen, Sega has now revealed that over 1.3 million members on its Sega Pass gaming network has been compromised, with passwords and personal information of 1.3 million members accessed by hackers. It is […]

Tesla Motors: Charging Up the Car Market


On Saturday the 15th of January, Tesla Motors provided an opportunity for the public to take a close look at the Roadster that is now available for sale in Australia. Under dark clouds that threatened to open up and rain on their parade, the Tesla Motors representatives and their two electric supercars were nevertheless shining […]

Holiday Post – Escape from Technology


Happy New Year everyone, I hope you had some great time off! One question – how many of you changed your online or social media habits while you were on vacation? What is a holiday if you’re still connected? For those of you who love a bit of snow, Thredbo is an internationally recognised skiing […]

Intel’s New “Sandy Bridge” Sneak Peak

This week, two of my contacts from Intel came to visit me. The purpose? To show me a demonstration of their new Sandy Bridge Processor, and Bing Lee had the honour of being the first retailer in Australia to see it in action. Being under a confidentiality agreement, I can’t talk about the specifics of […]