Samsung Music Hub Update Makes It a Compelling Offer

Samsung's Music Hub is all about discovering music, and the latest update adds stability and better functionality.

Two weeks ago I published my experiences on Ritchie’s Room regarding the new Samsung Music Hub, which promised to usher in a new way to discover and enjoy music. At the time, there were many excellent features to be explored and used instantly on the Hub, which can be installed via the Samsung App feature, […]

Samsung Music Hub Review using the Galaxy S II

Samsung HUB streaming service

Update (24/11/11): I met with a senior manager from Samsung yesterday to talk about the Music Hub and have published a new article about improvements being made. I think the changes should make all Music Hub users quite happy! Click to the article right here.  As some of you may have read, I had given […]

Signs of Things to Come?

Although I haven’t posted a blog in a couple of weeks, I have been watching and considering a lot of the news coming out of the IT sector. In the last couple of weeks a few key events have been reported which in isolation are newsworthy, but when looked at as a group, point to […]