Windows Phone 8 Apps Get Serious

Windows Phone 8 Apps

I must admit, I’ve been very ignorant of one area lately, and that is Windows phones. And before you all boo and hiss me down, it’s actually hard to ignore the steady stream of news announcements about hardware and apps have that come coming through. So I thought I’d take a quick look of some […]

Nexus 5 Tips and Apps to Get Started

Nexus 5 Tips

If you are planning on getting a Nexus 5, or have just received yours, this article is full of tips to get you on your way. Being a regular Galaxy phone owner, it’s always been a cinch to migrate from one phone to another using the Samsung account back up and restore. When I’ve moved to […]

What Is Cracked Screen Grief?

Cracked Screen Grief

So just what is cracked screen grief? It is the stuff of nightmares. Wake up one clear morning, charging your old phone for the last time before heading down to your local phone store to pick up one of the first models of a newly release phone, only to have to slip out of your […]

Asus Padfone, Padfone Station and Stylus – First Look

Asus Padfone - the smartphone that transforms into a tablet, which then transforms into a keyboard driven mobile product. No shortage of innovation here.

Ever since the first Transformer was unleashed to an unsuspecting Android community, we’ve been keeping an eye on the innovative releases from Asus. We’ve seen the Eee Pad Slider, the Transformer Prime, and have seen the TF700 in its prototype format at the CES earlier this year. Now, this Asus Padfone first look is another […]

Samsung Music Hub Update Makes It a Compelling Offer

Samsung's Music Hub is all about discovering music, and the latest update adds stability and better functionality.

Two weeks ago I published my experiences on Ritchie’s Room regarding the new Samsung Music Hub, which promised to usher in a new way to discover and enjoy music. At the time, there were many excellent features to be explored and used instantly on the Hub, which can be installed via the Samsung App feature, […]

From iPhone to Android…and Back?

Android verses iOS5

Ever since I migrated from my iPhone 4 to a new Samsung Galaxy S II, I’ve been keen to cover my experiences using the Android platform. With iOS 5 due to be released later this year, I thought it would be a great opportunity to see what the competitor smartphone ecosystem had to offer, and […]