Ritchie’s Chat Room: Intel Director Makiko Eda

Intel Logo

As the director of Intel’s marketing and sales division for Asia Pacific, Makiko Eda can talk with authority about her company’s current and future position in a world now dominated by daily tablet announcements. Hailing from Japan, Eda was in Sydney to meet retailers and get an update on the Australian arm of the Intel […]

Intel’s New Processors: Bridging the Gap


On Tuesday 18th January, Intel hosted a media and retailer launch in Sydney to demonstrate their new processor range, the second generation of the Core Processor Family, commonly known as Sandy Bridge. Special overseas guest and Intel evangelist Mooly Eden revealed to the audience how processor development is changing within Intel, delivering his presentation with […]

Holiday Post – Escape from Technology


Happy New Year everyone, I hope you had some great time off! One question – how many of you changed your online or social media habits while you were on vacation? What is a holiday if you’re still connected? For those of you who love a bit of snow, Thredbo is an internationally recognised skiing […]

How Tablets are Changing Comic Book Reading

One of my life-long friends, Jim, lives and breathes the comic book scene. In fact, he loves it so much that he now manages one of the big comic book stores in Sydney. It’s a vibrant, loyal industry that extends to collectables, comic conventions, and for many could be called a lifestyle as much as […]